Modular design of the XIIVI watch

The initial and main idea already at the birth of the XIIVI watch was the requirement for easy replacement of the top case, ie bezel and legs.

I spent a lot of weeks with the design and the implementation itself for several months. In the end, I was able to successfully bring this request to life.

The basis of the XIIVI watch is therefore an core case equipped with a movement, dial and hands, closed with a sapphire crystal.

This case is made of stainless steel and its construction allows you to keep the water resistance up to 200 meters, however, it is tested only at 100 meters.

This core case is solid of the same dimensions according to the type of watch (40, 42 and 44 mm), even in the future.

This means that any top case that will be produced in the future can be used on any XIIVI watch produced in the past.

One watch (one CoreCase) and a demonstration of the deployment of several different top cases.

Examples of top cases that I have made so far. I have a lot of ideas for others, so I will produce an inexhaustible amount of design.